Sportdog Underground Electric Dog Fence

Powerful enough to cover up to 100 acres of land! Keeping your dog safe at home is a must for all dog owners. The SportDog Underground Electric Dog Fence can help. Whether your dog hunts, trials or is a full-time companion, this Underground Dog...

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Garmin Delta Sport Dog Training Collar and Bark Limiter

Delta Sport remote training device — using proven Tri-Tronics® technology — sets a new standard in dog training with an easy-to-read LCD screen; intuitive, 3-button-front controller; and separate side buttons for level adjustment and dog...

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Animals GPS TrackEasy1 GPS Tracker

Beloved pets get out and get lost regardless of fences, doors and other boundaries. Having been through the anxiety of losing a pet, we know how emotionally draining it can be. Now there is something that will dramatically reduce the risk of losing...

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Platinum Pets The Original Smartphone Dog ID Tag with GPS, Medium, Blue

Connect with your pet using our lost and found tm pet id tag system. Our patented program allows you to be reunited with your lost pet within seconds. The pet id tag system allows you to store your pet's information, upload your pet's photo, health...

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Zoombak ZMBK100 Advanced GPS Dog Locator

The Zoombak¿ Advanced GPS Dog Locator is a dependable and accurate way to help keep track of your dog's real-time location on-demand 24 hours, 7 days a week. Zoombak communicates its GPS position to you via the national network of a leading...

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Dog Expedition TC1 Border Patrol GPS System and Remote Trainer, Black Finish

The Dog Expedition TC1 Border Patrol is the first truly portable, wireless, GPS based pet containment system on the market. Functional for up to 800-yards, the system is perfect for at home use, trips, camping, or anywhere.First truly portable,...

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SportDOG TEK-V1LT 1.0 GPS+E-Collar

The Sport DOG TEK Series 1.0 GPS+ E-Collar is the industry's first combination remote training and tracking system. The lightweight, compact, handheld design boasts a backlit LCD screen as well as a 75-mile-diameter screen with auto scaling. The...

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RoamEO Pet Monitor System

The RoamEO Pet Monitor System allows you to locate your pet using a patened combination of satellite and radio signals. The easy to use system consists of an adjustable collar for your pet and a handheld receiver that monitors your pet's movements...

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Exceptionally Small Electronic Pet Locator Tag Suitable for Cats and Dogs

The electronic pet locator is the ultimate locating device to help you keep track of your pets and can even be used to help locate other valuables. The credit card size handset makes it extremely easy to use where ever it's needed and will pick up...

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